Bonny baskets for the gate…..


Hello and welcome to my first blog.  I have lots to catch up on so the first few installments are likely to be about events, projects and happenings that have occurred in the last few months.

I thought I’d start by sharing these, a couple of little baskets I made to hang either side of the front gate. They add a certain something and break up the monotony of the fence whilst we wait for the bedding plants to take off. Initially, I planted them up with a couple of pink Saxifrage, which complimented the colour of the house nicely.  When they cried out for more room I popped them in the garden and replaced them with type of yellow daisy which haven’t enjoyed the location quite as well…it probably hasn’t helped that I keep forgetting to water them in this hot weather.

The baskets themselves were made from buff willow.  The weaving up the sides was french randing followed by some randing and packing to give a little height at the back.

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