Chair Seating….

IMG_6507 Early in January I spent four days at West Dean College just north of Chichester learning about chair seating.  My tutor was the wonderful Mary Butcher.  The college itself was beautiful and I had a really restful time although the days were long.

I re rushed this stool that my father made at school when he was about 14 years old, so around 1952.  It was a really lovely thing to do.  I could still make out all the individual marks of the chisel as I wound the rush around the top rail.  Last week I discovered that my father-in-law had made one identical at the same time. Oh how the national curriculum has changed!

I used dutch rush as it tends to be more even than English rush. This helps to keep a regular sized bundle as you work.

I also started caning a rather lovely chair, it’s a work in progress though so will post a photo of that at a later date.


Childs bicycle basket

I know, I know, it’s actually February.  No one wants to hear about Christmas anymore! However due to family illness I’m a bit behind with my updates so I thought I’d put these all together and share them anyway.

I really enjoyed making this little bicycle basket for a customer.  I hear the recipient was chuffed on Christmas day. The leather handles were made by Edwards Leather Craft in Downham Market.

I also had a Christmas stall in early December at Garboldisham village hall. Madly, on  the same day, I taught a workshop at Redgrave and Lopham Fen,  making willow wreaths.  It was great fun and the results were lovely. It was a real pleasure to walk about Rickinghall and Botesdale later in the month and see some of the wreaths hanging up.  I’ll be back at the Fen this year teaching plants supports in early May.

IMG_6241 IMG_6245