Herb drying basket

I saw a photo of a similar basket in an old book and thought I’d try to make one myself. The wire mesh was slightly fiddly to place over all the uprights but I got there eventually.

A trac border secured the mesh underneath and the rest of the basket was finished in the usual way. I wish I had completed a row of weaving before the trac border but there’s always next time.

The basket can be hung above your oven or in the airing cupboard allowing the dry air to circulate around the herbs as they dry.

Lavender wand…

These smell lovely and are very easy to make. Gather an odd number of long lavender stems and arrange them like so..

Tie the stems tightly together just below flowers with approx a metre of ribbon. I used fairly narrow stuff. Leave one end long enough to pass through the centre of the wand for tying a bow later.

Now crush the stems with a pair of scissors or something blunt, just below the tie. This helps the stems bend around the flowers without cracking.

Bend the stems around the flowers  to form a cage with the short piece of ribbon inside and the long piece outside.

Now you can start weaving over one, under one.  Pull it as tight as you can because there will be some shrinkage. When you get to the bottom of the flowers tie a bow to finish.