Hanging Basket…

I have a student who always comes along full of ideas and enthusiasm. Today she asked to make a hanging basket.

We started at the base, making a 2×2 slath, bending the base sticks up sharply.  We added side  stakes as it became possible so at the top there were 24 stakes to finish the border.

The photos are of my finished piece. Will post my students when it’s finished.

Boats and flowers…. 

Well done to the ladies from the WI, Group 13, Dove, Suffolk East Federation. We spent the day at Bacton Village Hall making boat shaped fruit baskets and flowers for the garden.

In 5 1/2 hours this was quite a big ask. These fantastic women worked really hard, kept a keen sense of humour despite sore thumbs and all made wonderful pieces to be proud of.

From the left…. Pam, Ann, Dizzy, Ruth, Di and Shirley. Rosemary had to leave at lunch time so she’s not in the picture but she made a great basket!