Basket weaving in Ireland…

I have just returned from a week in Ireland weaving under the expert guidance of basket maker Joe Hogan. Joe makes beautiful robust pieces from traditional skibs and log baskets to organic pods created around bog wood he has found and seasoned from the peat bogs near where he lives. 
It is my fourth trip to Finny where Joe runs these workshops over four days. I always learn a great deal and try to work very hard to make the most of Joe’s knowledge and experience as well as his beautiful willow. 

The photos above give an idea of the beautiful countryside and coast and the top one shows what The baskets I made during my stay. A couple of sciathogs (pronounced ski-ogue) which are frame baskets, a skib, a square log basket, an oval laundry basket and a large round recycling basket with a lid. 

It was a wonderful week with great friends. I’ll post some more photos over the next few days. B

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