Family chair…

Just finished reseating this little chair. It was made in the 1940’s for a little boy who now wants it for his grandchildren.
A carpenter I know made a few modifications before I installed a sheet of cane webbing and beading. The chair didn’t have the holes necessary for hand caning but I think it looks nice with webbing too.

Knowing that you’re extending the life of a basket or chair someone loves is always a welcome job.

Bowl shaped basket…

Spent some time today practising the bowl shape form. This takes advantage of the natural curvature of the willow.

I meant to stop at about half the height as my upright stakes weren’t very meaty but I got carried away!

It was really useful to practise the things I learnt in Ireland. It’s so important to re-enforce techniques as soon as possible to really imprint them in your memory.

My lovely daughter took the photo!

Frame baskets…

Another fab day at the Butterfly arts and crafts studio. These lovely ladies worked very hard making willow and rush frame baskets. Well done everyone, the results speak for themselves.
We used seagrass cordage to join two willow hoops together with a gods eye before weaving with rush and willow to complete the basket. Everyone made their basket their own with a slightly different shape and combinations of materials. We experimented with plaiting rush and making cordage to incorporate into the baskets.

Thank you as well to the owners, Brian and Julie. They are absolutely lovely and work very hard to make the day a success. The studio is a great space to work in and the food served at morning and afternoon tea and lunch is delicious. No need to eat tomorrow! X