Woven hearts…

Sarah plus ten of  her friends and family met at the Butterfly Studio this afternoon to make decorations for her upcoming wedding.

They wove two hearts each, in three different designs and decorated them with a gorgeous selection of dried flowers, Hessian ribbons, raffia and string.

A really lovely laid back group, I’m sure the barn will look wonderful on the big day graced with all their hard work. Looking forward to seeing a photo mid November!

Bird feeders…

It’s been a lovely productive day today. Finished these two bird feeders this afternoon. The one on the left has to sit on something because the roof comes off completely. This is great if you want to give the base a good clean.
The version on the right has an integral roof which can be hung up. The close side stakes will hopefully keep pigeons at bay, probably not the squirrels though!

Dragonflies galore…

Twenty four dragonflies in 4 hours.  What a fabulous day celebrating harvest. Everyone did brilliantly, we will have a great display tomorrow for the harvest service at Botesdale village Hall.

Caroline Davidson did two Lino cutting workshops. Folk made their own prints and also a collective banner which was stunning.

It’s really special to see the community coming together and having fun.

Happy Birthday to you…

Happy birthday to Gemma (on the right). Her lovely mum Sharyn brought her along to weave a birthday basket whilst she made a birds nest for herself.

Despite the blustery weather outside the workshop was full of laughter conversation and calm concentration.

The nice thing about small groups is that I can take the time to work along side people often taking the stress out of borders for example.  Doing it together step by step minimises the possibility of making mistakes.

They both did brilliantly and took baskets home to be proud of.