I’ve made two of these baskets in the last two days. One yesterday with lovely students Marion and Caroline and one today as a demonstration for the Attleborough Day Care centre.

It’s really heart warming to see older folk being cared for by the team at the day care centre. They provide them with a delicious meal and various activities each week. I hope to go back and do a more participative workshop at some point this year.

The double French rand weave is a a little slow to set up but then the sides grow really fast which is great when you don’t want to keep joining in new weavers.


I haven’t used the zigzag weave for a while. I think it looks really effective when the willow behaves. I had some willow to use up last week so took the opportunity to have a play.

Zigzag weave is set up in the same way as French randing. In this basket I used double rods. When you’ve worked a row in one direction you take the weavers back in the other direction on the next row. By alternating the direction of the weave in this way, the zigzag climbs up the stakes.

Thank you to my son Aidan for the photos.

Holiday project…

My Christmas holiday project is finally finished. A friend gave me a ball of wool last August to ‘do something with’! Over the holidays I decided what I needed was the simplest coiling project.

The soothing nature of repetition, working round after round, watching the colours reveal themselves brought me such happiness and peace.

I used a core of natural twine which was strong and flexible giving a nice firm finish.

Alpaca Lovers…

This is Kath, one half of the fab duo that run Lings meadow campsite in Hepworth, Suffolk. It’s a small eco and clamping campsite set on the family farm.

They also keep Alpacas and make lovely things from the wool. However there are fibre remnants from the legs and neck that are just too short for spinning apparently but the birds love them.

We made a fat ball feeder to hold the fibres so the birds can come and help themselves. It’s lovely soft stuff, ideal for lining nests.

I hope there will be lots of lovely warm nests in Hepworth over the next few weeks.