Playing with ovals…

The children’s rhyme ‘rain rain go away’ springs to mind today. But the inclement weather has given me an opportunity to practice oval bases.

This basket was made on an English oval base. The difference between English ovals and continental bases is that the base sticks aren’t split. It’s a really simple but clever construction, no tools required.

I also made a French oval, with some cane wrapping around the base sticks.

Take a seat…

I bought this chair at Diss auction a couple of years ago. It’s taken me a while, working on it in my spare time, but it’s finally finished. It’s the standard six-way cane pattern.

Its beautiful out this afternoon, what a contrast to last week!

It’s going in the living room by the fire, I just need to cover the seat cushion. I’m thinking something by William Morris. 😊

Coiling and thawing…

I spent yesterday afternoon coiling this small basket and lid whilst watching Suffolk thaw. It was a super simple stitch using chunky sash cord for a core and jute twine for stitching.

This morning whilst trying to take a photo of it I realised what I really needed was a light diffusing box. So I cobbled one together from an old cardboard box and tissue paper. After scrambling around for a couple of lamps I don’t think the results are too bad. I would love to get my hands on a third lamp and play about with light coming from above as well.