L’al Yak…

This ‘little oak’ shoulder bag is the product of four days hard work at the Basketmakers’ Association Spring school in York. The course was taught by the fab Lorna Singleton who lives in the Lake District and is one of the few remaining Basketmakers working with oak in this country making swills and other traditional baskets.

I’ve learnt a huge amount about preparing the oak and how it behaves whilst weaving. It is a beautiful material and although it was difficult at times I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The leather work was also new to me and I hope to put those new skills to good use on my baskets in the future.

Thanks to all those that organised the courses from the BA especially Jill Witham and Nadine Anderson. Thanks to Lorna for sharing her skills with such kindness and patience and thanks to the other lovely basket makers I shared the week with.

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