I needed to construct a little gate and fence panel across my patio. A friend gave me some hazel, a generous couple I taught gave me a ton of willow, a friend gave me a log to create a ‘foot’ for the fence panel, another friend didn’t mind me stopping and asking advice whilst he was chilling at the Cross Keys after work. In fact he offered to cut the hole for me despite being busy himself . A neighbour lent me the chisels I needed and I had a lovely time on Friday working on this. For me this is the essence of why I love my community, it’s full of wonderful people.

Frame baskets…

Really lovely day at the Butterfly Arts and Crafts studio in Essex. My lovely, fun group all made excellent frame baskets.

Two wreath hoops were secured together at right angles with a simple cross before continuing with a single rod randing weave. After a couple of rods the first set of ribs were inserted. More randing and more ribs followed.

After that it’s weaving all the way. Some packing was required to even up the work so you finish with nice parallel lines in the middle of the basket. There’s quite a bit to think about whilst weaving with respect to keeping the ribs evenly spaced and checking that the basket sits nicely without rocking.

So as you can see these first time weavers (except Susanne!) all did exceptionally well.

The little knitted bee was out on an adventure with Louise in memory of her daughter Bea. X


Half term project…

I made this frame basket this week, a little project for half term. I love my children but weaving helps my sanity!

I’m teaching two classes on how to make frame baskets in a few weeks. See the courses page for details. If neither of those dates or locations suit you do get in touch, I might be able to run another class.