Returning to teaching

Over the last month I’ve managed to start teaching again. It wasn’t an easy decision but it’s been wonderful to welcome people back to the workshop.

Jane working on slewing and zigzag weave

Obviously things are different now. I can only have one student at a time due to space, the door and window remain open, masks are worn etc. I wasn’t sure if it would all be as enjoyable as pre Covid. I am happy to report that it’s been so great to see people, to talk, to work and create. All the other things seem to fall away for a while.

Jane working on a bowl shaped basket with double zigzag weave

I did wonder if I would feel competent after such a long break! I’m sure having only one student at a time made it all seem much easier. Seeing the enjoyment of those learning, seeing them relax and ultimately empowered by learning new things has always helped me override any nerves of my own. I’m glad to say the same has been true over these last weeks.

Frances and her finished square basket.

My finished pieces from these classes are all for sale. Two medium log baskets or large kindling baskets (£70 each) and a round shopper (£65). Please do get in touch if you’re interested in making a purchase, or coming to a class. You can contact me via email or text 07989848719