Fit for dinner…

Karen Lawrence – garden basket.

I’ve just sent this small garden basket off to the Worshipful company of Basketmakers.

They asked all the Yeomen members to make something small to go on the tables at their first ‘live’ lunch later this year.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend but I can imagine the fun and excitement of meeting together again rather than on zoom. 😊

Family Moses basket…

This beloved Moses basket was in need of a new border and handles. It has been with the same family for 35 years and the next baby, due soon, will be the 20th baby to sleep in it.

The trouble with a new border is that it’s not as strong as the original and can slip off if picking up heavy things. The grandmother-to-be saw a photo of plaited handles on a cradle and there was our solution!

I made a seven strand rush plait that goes all the way underneath the basket making it safe to pick up even if baby is inside. Hope that it will be used for lots more babies to come 😊