Karen Lawrence Basketry

I started making some willow bark cordage yesterday. It’s for a collaboration with Julia Edwards a local potter.

I’ll be needing a lot more than this!

It’s a slow process. The willow was harvested at the beginning of the year, the bark stripped in early summer and then the cordage takes time to make.

However, it’s an incredibly relaxing thing to make. You get into a rhythm and just get lost in the making. Head to my Instagram account to see a little video of me making it 😊 @karen_lawrence_basketry

2 thoughts on “Cordage…

  1. Hi Karen,
    I wondered if you could possibly help me. We have a 75 year old wicker baby’s crib. We retrieved from the loft ready for the new arrival only to find that the handles are breaking so in need of replacement.
    Is this something that you may be able to help us with?.
    Generations of our family have slept in it so we would like it repaired to pass on again.
    Your hopefully
    Sue Billingham


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