Skein making ….

A short video showing the process of making skeins. Slow but satisfying. The willow is cleaved into three pieces and each piece passed through a shave until it is the desired thickness. An upright shave is used to obtain the desired width.

Karen Lawrence Basketry

2 thoughts on “Skein making ….

  1. Hi Madame Lawrence, i’m Bruno, from France, and i do baskets with hazel and chesnut woods, and other wild materials, like peasant, farmers do in old time.. and i’m looking for tools from other country to learn different technics to do..
    i’m very interested by your “razor tool”, do you hve some to sell? or some plans that i can copy and do ?
    thanks for your answer.


    • Dear Bruno,
      Thank you for your message. I don’t sell tools and my shave is quite old, purchased from eBay. I can still sharpen the cutting edge though and it works very well. If you want to buy a new one you could try musgrove willow or PH Coates. Both companies are based in Somerset but would probably be able to ship to France.
      Hope you have success, best wishes, Karen.


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