Karen Lawrence Basketry

I started making some willow bark cordage yesterday. It’s for a collaboration with Julia Edwards a local potter.

I’ll be needing a lot more than this!

It’s a slow process. The willow was harvested at the beginning of the year, the bark stripped in early summer and then the cordage takes time to make.

However, it’s an incredibly relaxing thing to make. You get into a rhythm and just get lost in the making. Head to my Instagram account to see a little video of me making it 😊 @karen_lawrence_basketry

New shop…

Karen Lawrence Basketry

This little lot plus a couple of bees and dragonflies are off to a new shop opening @clare_castle_country_park mid to late August.

Keep an eye on their page for the grand opening. It’s a beautiful park for a wander and a cuppa or maybe a picnic if the sun continues to shine.

Karen Lawrence Basketry

Retirement gift…

Karen Lawrence Basketry

Last week I made this square basket. It was commissioned by a group of teachers as a retirement gift for a colleague.

Lots of elements to this basket, including the grab handles, domed lid, partitions inside and the fun of whittling a hazel peg for the top closure.

It went off to its new home today. I’m looking forward to seeing it full of lovely things. It’s due to be used as a sewing basket.

Karen Lawrence Basketry
Karen Lawrence Basketry

Square work…

Last Friday I spent time with lovely Jane looking at one technique for creating a square base.

This involves including sides stakes whilst weaving the base. It speeds things up considerably when it comes to weaving the sides. You have to insert stakes at either end of course but then you are good to get going.

Everything else about the process is then the same.

Lovely Jane with her finished base.
My finished basket.

First lesson back…

Couldn’t have hoped for a better first lesson back @star_wing_brewery
Beautiful weather and lovely people. Thanks guys for making it such an enjoyable day. 😊 @karen_lawrence_basketry #willow #willowlesson #willowplantsupport #willowhangingbasket #learnsomethingnew #funwithfriends #funinthesun #weavingwillow #willowweaving #willowweavinginsuffolk

Fit for dinner…

Karen Lawrence – garden basket.

I’ve just sent this small garden basket off to the Worshipful company of Basketmakers.

They asked all the Yeomen members to make something small to go on the tables at their first ‘live’ lunch later this year.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend but I can imagine the fun and excitement of meeting together again rather than on zoom. 😊