2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Your name was given to me today, I am looking to continue stocking m small shop with good quality products on a commission basis.
    I work with a local jeweller, candle maker and potter.

    Is is something that would be of interest to you.
    Please look us up on the web:- http://www.1066chequers.co
    I look fvorward to hearing from you
    Kind regard
    Hazel Knox-Johnston


    • Dear Hazel,
      Thank you so much for your enquiry. I am interested in supplying your shop with some basketry pieces and would be happy to come and meet with you to discuss it. I’ve got 4 lovely lively children at home until next Wednesday. If you would like to meet send me some dates and we can try to get something in the diary.
      Best wishes, Karen.


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