The importance of Rapping…

I have just finished binding the handles on some home made rapping irons.

A friend down the lane had some metal off cuts which are the right shape and weight. Hopefully the handle binding will make them comfortable to hold.

These are used during basket making to make sure your weaving is nice and tight.  Allowing the weight of the metal to compress the rows of weaving when you give it a generous wallop, will mean the basket is tighter overall and therefore more sturdy.


I have had a lovely day weaving with Marion and Caroline. They wanted to do different shapes, one square and one round. This was Marion’s first square basket and it turned out really well.

Caroline tried out a weave new to her, a double French rand. This uses 2 weavers together. Although set up can take a little time the sides grow very quickly.

Both tried out my new border practice boards and said they helped a lot!