The Butterfly art studio…

I was back at the Butterfly art studio today. We made Christmas decorations in the morning and Christmas trees in the afternoon.

Even with a very basic star there are so many ways to personalise it. Perhaps by layering different colours or random weaving over the top. One lady captured pine cones at the centre of hers with random weaving which looked great. It’s really enjoyable watching all the individuality pouring into people’s work.

Log basket…

This log basket started with a 4×4 underfoot base. This means that I used 8 base sticks. The sticks are not split but placed on top of each other and held by your feet whilst weaving. This gives a really strong base which is what you want on a log basket.

The bowl shape takes advantage of the natural curve in the willow rods as you weave. It’s highlighted even more by bringing the basket in at the top before bordering.

Tickety Boo Garden Cafe…

Another lovely Christmas course today at the Tickety Boo Garden Cafe near Norton. We made Christmas trees and reindeer, wreaths, hearts and stars. There was time for decorating too!

The smell of the willow mixed with dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks was just lovely. Happy birthday to Winnie!! Hope you have had a lovely day. (front row, 2nd from the left).

The Cafe provided a delicious lunch. Check out their web site for opening times it’s so worth a visit. They are also holding a craft evening on Thursday 30th November which promises to be a lot of fun with lots of different stalls.

The start of something…

The first of a few Christmas courses I’ll be teaching in the next few weeks.

So many people at Redgrave and Lopham Fen today! We made Christmas wreaths, hearts and stars for the participants to decorate however they liked. I love that everyone’s work turns out differently. I love the quiet contentment that descends over the room as people get into the zone.

It was also encouraging to read the feedback forms. Many people commented that they were keen to do more, which is always nice to hear.

I even managed a short stroll at lunch time. It has been a beautiful day.