A remake of a beloved laundry basket in buff willow. The only difference is that I put an English foot on. This is replaceable when it wears out.

I’ve also repaired the original one with a new border and handles but recommended it be retired to a quiet corner. After 30 years of hauling laundry it’s earnt a rest. 😊 @karen_lawrence_basketry #willow #willowlaundrybasket #willowbasket #laundrybasket #buffwillowbasket #hardworkingbasket #functionalbasket #lovedforyears #thebasketmakersassociation

New Laundry basket with English foot
Old laundry basket with new border and handles.
Old laundry basket

Willow chair…

This little willow chair looked as though it had a bite out of one side. I felt as though it would be counterproductive to try to ‘patch’ it in any way. Where the damage was meant the chair wouldn’t be very strong afterwards.

So I took the back off and redid it as a continuous piece. Now it should be nice and strong. Ready to serve the next generation of little people. 😊

More bags…

My evening obsession with making market bags continues. This one is crocheted with some wool I had lying around. A test piece really to see how I liked the shape etc. I would now like to make it in string or cotton. 😊 @karen_lawrence_basketry #marketbag #crochet #testingtesting #takeabag #zeroplastic #thebasketmakersassociation