The Waveney arts and crafts centre…

Karen Lawrence Basketry

I taught Karen and Suzi at a brand new studio on Saturday. Opened by Helen Nottage this month, the Waveney Arts and crafts centre is an oasis of tranquility. The workshop space is a converted cart lodge on Helen’s farm.

We had such a lovely day making hanging baskets and long frame baskets. The weather was beautiful and Helen made a stunning lunch which I forgot to take a photo of 😂.

Check out her website and Facebook page. Upcoming workshops include still life painting, clay sculpture, stained glass and upholstery.

Karen Lawrence Basketry
Karen Lawrence Basketry

Waveney Arts and Crafts centre, Nene Valley Farm, Seething, Norfolk, NR15 1EN

Helen Nottage, 01508 483900

Plant support…

Back @star_wing_brewery yesterday for a one to one with Alison. A keen gardener, her great plant support attracted lots of attention from folk on their way to buy bread and cake from Mick the baker. 😊 #willow #willowplantsupport #willowweaving #willowtuition #sunnydays #weavingoutside #learnsomethingnew

Karen Lawrence Basketry

Frame baskets…

Karen Lawrence basketry, frame baskets course.

Tony and Sue made frame baskets today, a retirement gift from work colleagues. I was told they were ‘good at stuff like this’ but had never made a basket before.

They didn’t put a weaver wrong all day. Amazing. 😊 #willow #willowbasket #basketcourse #framebasket #rushandwillow #basketryinthesunshine @star_wing_brewery #funwithfriendsandfamily #learnsomethingnew