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12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Karen I saw on the Suffolk Wildlife Trust website that you were doing a Willow Plant Wigwam workshop and very disappointedly found it to be full. Will you be doing any more workshops in the summer for this or do you do private workshops – thinking of a birthday present for my friend. I live in Sudbury, Suffolk but happy to drive! Thanks. Karen Sheldon


    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your message. I am planning another wigwam course at my workshop on Saturday 21st May 10-1pm. I’m having a few issues with my site which I’m trying to resolve so I can advertise it properly! If you’re interested let me know. The cost will be £30 per person. If you would like to come during the week for a private lesson We can organise that. I charge £15 per hour.
      Thanks again for your enquiry. Best wishes.


  2. Hello Karen

    I’m hoping that you can advise me on a project I am working on. I would like to make thin cordage from Bull Kelp to use in Jewellery making. I have tried soaking and drying and re-hydrating but I find the material dries too brittle to work easily with. I live by the beach in Jersey so I have plenty of material to play with. If you have any advice or ideas, I would be extremely grateful. I am keen not to introduce any materials that are not from the ocean (like synthetic oil etc.) and the idea behind seaweed cord is that you could throw it back into the ocean once you have finished with it.
    Thanks very much and I look forward too your response…
    Kindest and bestest regards.


    • Hi Cathryn, thank you for you message. I have only worked with seaweed the once, on holiday in France last year. It was curious stuff! I didn’t treat it with anything and made only a very simple cordage. I left it outside as it dried out very quickly. I’m sorry I don’t really have any advice as such. It carried on absorbing moisture from the air at night and drying out during the day for some time and eventually went mouldy looking. Not much help I know. Have fun experimenting ! Best wishes, Karen.


  3. Hi Karen
    I am looking for someone to make me some baskets to fit a piece of storage furniture. I am not sure that you would be interested in this type of work but I look forward to hearing back from you.



  4. Hi Karen,
    I have just discovered your wonderful work through the Basket Weavers Association. I would love to buy one of your bird pods for our garden and if so, would you be able to send it to my address in Switzerland?
    Thank you and kind regards.


    • Hi Nichola, thanks for your enquiry. I probably will. Let me have your email address and I’ll add you to my mailing list. Am involved with an art exhibition at the moment but hopefully will get to planning some more classes soon. Best wishes, Karen.


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